Business isn’t a dirty word.

To me it is a sad, sad thing to see great artists languish and self defeat because they can’t apply regular “job” behavior to their artist life. Gifted and amazingly talented artists who inspire with their glorious voices and musical ability but can’t maintain success in a project because they are always late, lost in substance abuse, can’t collaborate effectively and on and on.. Egos, insecurities, perfectionism are barriers to great musicians making great music. We’ve all heard tragic stories and use phrases like “the artist’s mind” to explain some of these eccentricities.  I think most of them can be eliminated with a little better understanding of the business side of music and what it takes to be successful. Talent, yes.  But also: Reliable, likable, trustworthy and on freaking time.  In other words, unless you are Aretha, diva doesn’t work. And artists won’t if they indulge in diva like behavior.

I’m hoping to help a little by blogging on the business side of “regular” music. That is, writing on topics that help professional gigging musicians be more successful. There’s more opportunity than ever to make a living making and performing music. There are also more pitfalls, distractions and oceans of “producers” and Indie labels.

Shoot me an email if you have a question or a topic you’d like covered – I’d love to hear what you have to say.  Thanks!